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Garden & Pool

Villa Landolfi has kept the three mature olive trees on its 4,000 square metres of land, which provide a welcome harvest in late autumn. Its construction in 2022 was accompanied by a first series of plantations, which the gardener is watching over and which we invite you to see grow. The bougainvilleas are beginning to climb on the roofs of the house and pergolas, the citrus trees are offering their first fruits at the bottom of the garden, and the aromatic plants around the house are already giving you something to cook with and prepare your infusions.

The swimming pool, away from the house to preserve the tranquillity of all and to enjoy the spectacle of nature, is designed on the principle of a river - a 15 x 3 metre swimming corridor, fed by a fountain gushing out of the stones, and lined with beds for resting with your feet in the water or on the terrace that surrounds it. It is filled in all seasons, the water purification system allowing to avoid the annual emptying.

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